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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the septic system included in our sales price?

Yes, the septic system is included in the sales price. We receive a septic permit from the County, to insure that each sewage facility is correctly installed.

How far will Anderson-Jenkins travel to build our home?

Just let us know where your home site is, and we will let you know if we build there. We would also love to take a look at your home site at no cost to you. We will help you to determine the correct placement of your home. It is important to determine the elevations of the proposed building site, and to take into account the location of sun, trees, slope of the lot, and more to help you determine the ideal location for your new home.

Do you have specific plans to choose from, or do offer an in house designer?

As a true custom builder we have never built the same home twice. We have many different plans for you to look at, but we find most of our customers want to add their own “Signature” to our plans. We are the only builder in the New Braunfels area to offer our customers an in house floor plan designer. We feel it is more important to design a plan around your lot and your lifestyle, than to try to sell you a stock plan.

Will Anderson-Jenkins Signature Homes build my home on a cost plus basis?

Absolutely! However, after doing their research most customers realize that cost plus benefits the builder more than the customer. On a cost plus deal, the customer takes on 100% of the risk.  If prices of any material goes up (lumber, roof, tile, concrete, ect.) the customer absorbs the higher costs. Also if mistakes are made, the customer not the builder absorbs that cost as well.  It is a more intelligent and cost effective decision to agree upon a fixed price, and let the builder absorb all the risk associated with the 6-8 month construction process.

What is the normal build time for an Anderson-Jenkins Signature Home?

Typically it takes 6-9 months from the time that we pour the foundation, weather permitting. Keep in mind that there may be a few months of design time and financing before we can begin construction.

Will the driveway cost extra?

No, the driveway is included in your sales price We will use your site plan to set a drive way allowance. If you decide during construction that you would like to add more driveway, we will simply do a change order and the addition will be paid by the homeowner.

Do I have to use one of your specific lenders?

There are many lenders that we can recommend to you. However, you are free to use any lender that you would like.

How does your selection process work?

When building a true custom home there are many selections you will be required to make. We have excellent process in place to assist you in your selection process, and to ensure that your home is built in a timely manner. We have partnered with the best design and selection centers in the Hill Country area. We will get you in touch with the proper experts at every phase of the selection process.

If I have my own plan, can you give me a price for building it?

Of course!  We are more than happy to price your plan at no cost to you. Please schedule a time to bring you plan in to us. We would also like to walk your lot with you before we price your plan. It is very important that a builder walks your lot to properly price your plan, and to ensure that there are no unexpected extra costs down the road.

Where can I see more Anderson-Jenkins Signature Homes?

We currently have homes under construction, or have completed home in several neighborhoods. (Havenwood at Hunter’s CrossingRiver Chase, River Forest, Vintage Oaks,Rockwall RanchWaggener Ranch, Menger Springs, Hunter’s Crossing, San Marcos River Ranch, Pinnacle, Copper Ridge, Clementson Ranch, Glenwood, River Place at GrueneMustang Valley,Ramble RidgeNewcombe Estates, etc.) Please contact our office at 830-606-1414 for more information, and a guided tour of any of our homes currently under construction.

What size houses does Anderson-Jenkins Signature Homes build?

We do not limit the size or price range of homes that we will build. We have built as small as 2000 square feet, as large as 12,000 square, and everything in between. As a true custom builder, we are more than happy to build any size home and accommodate any size budget.